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Confidentiality Agreement

A case basis for partnerships Confidentiality agreements (also called nondisclosure agreements, confidential disclosure agreements, and secrecy agreements) are contracts that govern the disclosure of confidential information by one party (the disclosing party) to another party (the receiving party). Confidential information is exchanged for a promise of secrecy. The disclosure may be unilateral, bilateral or multilateral. …

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Is Embedded Finance The Future?

Put simply, embedded finance is about enabling any business to manage and sell innovative financial services; seamlessly integrating creative forms of payment, debit, credit, insurance or even investment into their end user experiences. The simplest example of this in action is paying for an Uber ride.You don’t get out your credit card at the end …

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Contactless Payments – The New Normal?

Are contactless payments redefining retail transactions? Or are contactless payments completely creating a new retail future? And if COVID-19 persists, could it even become mandatory for businesses to adopt contactless and cashless payment options? How is the changing behavior of consumers impacting on merchants’ activities? In this blog we explore how this global pandemic gave rise …

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5 Ways Digital Payments can Grow your Business

Digital payment systems can conveniently and affordably connect entrepreneurs with banks, employees, suppliers, and new markets for their goods and services. These systems can accelerate business processes by reducing travel time and expenses. In many countries, entrepreneurs routinely accept electronic payments from customers and make electronic payments to suppliers, tax authorities and others. Here are …

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